Paying by Visa or Mastercard

New for 2019 tours we are accepting payments by Visa or Mastercard. Being a Canadian business with many American customers is challenging but we offer you the following information for your consideration when paying for the tour…

Paying by credit card

Some credit cards offer trip cancellation/interruption insurance and/or travel medical insurance as a perk as well as loyalty “points”. If that is the case it would be worthwhile to pay by credit card. But if not, it may be better to pay by check or bank draft because some US banks may charge a small international transaction fee for a payment to a Canadian business. You weigh the pros and cons.

How to pay for a tour

Provide your credit card information by phone to Merit Travel Group. The contact person is Colleen Jackson at 1-866-341-1777, extension 7330. Please do not leave credit card information on an answering machine. If you leave a message be sure to state you are calling about Bali Fiber Tours.

Exchange rates

As you may know exchange rates fluctuate daily so there could be a small discrepancy from one day to another. You will be charged based on the rate posted by the TD Bank of Canada on the day you provide your information to Colleen.

Thank you,

Barb  Phone (250) 658-2612 (Pacific time zone)