I can say without a doubt that this experience surpassed all my expectations! I had the opportunity to gain a better appreciation for how the batiks I love are created, as well as silk painting, indigo dyeing and hand-woven fabric. The richness of this experience is due to Barb’s personal relationship with the artisans we visited and her love for Bali that Barb and Cheryl share with their guests. Thank you both!

Linda C.

Langley, BC, Canada

The tour of my dreams turned out to be even better than I could have imagined. Barb and Cheryl take great care to ensure your comfort and welfare are covered. Thank you so much!

Deborah D.

Sacramento, CA

Every day was greeted with a new life experience and excitement. No two days were alike. Barb and Cheryl are the “best of the best”. They truly love Bali and it was heart-warming watching them greet their many friends there. It brought tears to my eyes the great respect these two women have for this country. Thank you Barb and Cheryl for enriching my life! I’ll be back in 2017!

Karen H.

Dawson Creek, BC

I didn’t realize I wanted to go to Bali until I saw Barb’s description of the tour. Then I knew I had to go. I had a great time. Will be quilting these wonderful batiks for years. I’m in heaven!

Kate R.

Seattle, WA

Travel to Bali with a fabric expert and experience the benefits of having a western guide with many years of being “in the trade” in Bali. Wonderful local contacts. You will be very well taken care of.

Carol B.

Seattle, WA

Wow – what an experience! This trip was so much more than I expected – certainly more than just a fiber tour. Picked up on culture, traditions, history, customs, modern-day life of the Balinese along with some fabulous shopping, batik-ing and dyeing. Could not ask for more! Barb and Cheryl, as guides, are just amazing with their knowledge and love of the people of Bali and their lifestyle.

Sandra H.

Peoria, AZ

Anyone interested in weaving, batik or fabric painting would be wise to go to Bali with Barb, who has spent 12 years doing business and learning the culture of this remarkable place.

Your appreciation of fiber art will increase a thousand-fold. The trip was fantastic from beginning to end!

Sandra Betzina

Author, sewing instructor, Web-TV host and owner of Power Sewing

Fabric, food, friends & fun – go to Bali with Barb. Barb has vast and personal knowledge of the wonders of Bali and is a delightful and engaging tour guide.  Her unique inside connections make this a trip of a lifetime.

Barb is more than a tour guide – she is a personal friend to the Balinese.  Her love for the people and appreciation of their skills and living conditions gives you a complete view of Bali.

I LOVED this trip!

Melinda S.

Laguna Hills, California

I would highly recommend this tour to any/all fiber enthusiasts.  Great trip – you’ll love it.  Bali is a beautiful country with wonderful people.

Clairee M.

Sequim, WA

Learning about the culture and meeting Balinese people was most enjoyable. The food was FANTASTIC! This could be billed as a “Fiber Arts Eating Tour”…  Barb and Cheryl were very gracious and went out of their way to answer questions and accommodate our needs.

Patty J.

Duncan, BC, Canada

What an opportunity! Barb and her friends in Bali will provide you with experiences and memories you’ll cherish forever!

Diane H.

Portland, OR

This tour is an absolute must for the textile enthusiast. A wonderful country with a rich heritage.

Elenor C.

Plattsburg, MO

Barb and Cheryl know the best people for providing an unforgettable Bali experience (cooking class, ikat weavers, batik makers, dinner on the beach…).  They have been generous to their Balinese extended family and we were treated as honored guests wherever we went.

Marcia M.

Mercer Island, WA

This could be considered one of those trips of a lifetime – a new group of friends who all “speak fabric” and sewing (and even weaving).  This was a nice overview of Bali and its culture, great views, interesting conversations – all in all a fun time.  Plus I had a fabulous roommate…
Pat K.

Sterling, MA

Barb and Cheryl are great hosts!

Jackie L.

Overland Park, KS

Barb and Cheryl make this experience fun and unique even for those who may not be sewers or quilters. They bring the true Bali culture alive in this tour. Looking forward to any future offerings.

Lorraine J.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

There can be no better way to see and experience the culture and art of Bali – from the rice paddies to a temple to mask and fiber museums to hands-on experiences with batik and indigo. Not to mention the food and the opportunities to shop for clothes and fabrics at prices too low to walk away from. Truly an experience of a lifetime!

Paula V.

Portland, OR

This is a tour not to be missed by fabric enthusiasts. It is packed with a wide variety of hands-on activities as well as exposure to the wonders of Bali and their exquisite fabric-related crafts. Run by two of the best guides I have ever experienced who are knowledgeable, responsible, well-organized and well-connected in the Balinese community.

Myrna E.

Claremont, CA

This tour with Barb and Cheryl was my first international experience. They made it problem-free and safe. They both love Bali and its people and it shows in the care they have taken in all the planning. I can’t think of any way the tour could be made more enjoyable.

Carol A.

Lyons, OR

Best trip I’ve taken. I really felt safe at all times. Learned lots about the local culture and customs. It was great to visit the local homes.

Deb C.

Leoti, KS

The tour was great. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had a great time and would not hesitate to recommend it. The trip was well organized and informative. I learned a lot about fabric processes, was exposed to Bali culture and had the opportunity to purchase unique hand-woven/dyed fabrics. Bali Fiber Tours looks after you!

Agnes W.

Kelowna, BC, Canada

This was a fabulous, eye-popping, well-organized tour of the best that Bali has to offer.  Textiles, silver, food and shopping. I’d do it again in a minute.

Ellen K.

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

A well-designed and passionately led tour of beautiful Bali and its rich culture and arts.  Barb and her wonderful local partners really created an inspiring experience.

Joanne B.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This was the first organized tour I have been on in a long time and it was great not to have to plan each day and decide how to get around.

Bali is a fabric lover’s paradise!!  I loved seeing how the fabric was created – I am awestruck by the time involved and the commitment of the Balinese.

Linda S-K

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you Barb (and Cheryl) for sharing “your Bali” with us. I feel like you fast-tracked us to places it would have taken us several trips to find….if ever!  I really appreciate all the care you put into the tour. I love your sense of humor, Barb, your graciousness, kindness and transparency.

Angie P.

Fort St. John, BC, Canada

This textile tour was well planned and very interesting for textile lovers. The shopping is wonderful and fun.

Janice L.

Dexter, MI

I highly recommend Barb’s tour to women with an interest in textiles, fabri-holics and those who want an introduction into Bali and her people.

Carolyn M.

Westport, NY

Barb has done an excellent job in providing a glimpse into the Balinese culture and life. We learned much about ikats and batik and especially enjoyed the visits to the factories.

Susanne J.

Fairfax, CA

I would absolutely recommend this tour.  I enjoyed all the activities: swimming in the ocean, supportive women with fiber interests as well as the cultural activities – enjoyed meeting the local people.
Rita F.

Gold River, BC, Canada

Traveling through Bali with Barb and Cheryl was a trip of a lifetime!  They took us to places we could only read and dream about – if we could even find out they exist!

Their love and compassion for the Balinese people and their culture made the trip so very personal and special.  If you know someone who loves textiles – let them know about Bali Fiber Tours!

Roxanne C.

Olympia, WA

This was an exceptional experience. Barb and Cheryl went out of their way to provide us with a wonderful tour. I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves fabric and non-touristy vacations.

Susan H.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

This tour far surpassed my expectations. Barb and Cheryl have insider information that will allow you to experience hands-on the culture and traditions of this beautiful country. Thanks to both of you!

Wendy V.

Surrey, BC, Canada

This was a great trip. There were experiences that one would not get on other tours. Having a small group gave one the chance to enjoy the activities with the camaraderie of others on the tour.

Kathleen F.

Corona, CA

Anyone interested in textiles – weaving, sewing and quilting – would love this tour. See the techniques for weaving, wax batik and shop for textiles and clothing made with these fabrics. My best trip ever!!

Linda C.

Safety Harbor, FL

If you want to feel well-briefed, well-guided and well-cared for then this is your tour. Barb has not only made the right contacts in Bali to organize a traditional textiles tour but she and Cheryl have endeared themselves to so many wonderful Balinese people that you, as a member of their tour, will be treated like family. Memories of this trip will forever bring a smile to my face.

Wendy J.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

What a fabulous trip! The information provided by Barb to help me prepare for the trip was really helpful and much appreciated. I’ve never had a company connect on such a personal and caring level.

Barb’s personal knowledge of Indonesian textiles really made the experience more interesting. Her contacts in the communities provided opportunities to see “behind the scenes” – offering richer, up-close encounters that are not available to most tourists. Thanks Barb and Cheryl for a fun and informative trip!


Tara A.

Bothell, WA

Barb and Cheryl lead you on a magical journey. You get hands-on experience making traditional Balinese textiles. Learn about ancient weaving techniques that are still thriving today. Shop in the best-priced stores and markets. These gals have done all the research for you. And if you’re lucky you will get a special discount for being in “Mrs. Ba-ba-ra’s” group. This is a trip of a lifetime. Just do it!

Linda W.

Peoria, AZ

Are you a quilter or a garment sewer?  You should seriously consider joining Bali Fiber Tours. I loved our visit to the weavers’ market where we were overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful woven ikat fabrics. We also visited the Denpasar wholesale fabric district; we could have spent days poking into shops – each with slightly different selections – all interesting. Bali Fiber Tours is about more than Balinese fabrics – you get to experience the two sides of Bali: the arts and crafts of a traditional culture busy making the transition to a 21st century world. Make sure you experience a traditional Balinese massage; they are quite wonderful – a must for anyone visiting Bali.

Judith N.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I would recommend this tour. Barb is amazing and with her assistant, Cheryl, was full of great information re the culture and customs of the Balinese people. My experience was wonderful and enlightening.

Judy K.

Laguna Hills, CA

This was the trip of a lifetime. A real glimpse into the culture and customs of a very special part of the world.

Jeannine K.

Victoria, BC, Canada

My sister gave me this tour for my 60th birthday – what a wonderful way to slide into a new decade. For anyone who appreciates fabric this tour provides an eye-popping introduction into how batiks and ikat are produced. The Balinese people are lovely and the culture is fascinating. Easy to immerse yourself for a brief time into another world.

Jan M.

San Diego, CA

Fantastic tour for both the textiles and the culture of Bali. The shopping was great! It opened my eyes about the processes involved in making batik and ikat.

Yvette S.

Calgary, AB, Canada

I felt as though I saw the ‘real Bali’ thanks to Barb’s close relationships there.

Mary H.

San Francisco, CA

Great mix of culture, shopping, history and textiles. Very interesting.

Corinne B.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada